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October 25, 2011

Fate by Tallulah Grace

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(82) Timeless Trilogy, book 1

This Kindle freebie was entertaining enough that I bought the second one.

Oops. I was digging through my Reviews folder and found this mentioned. Apparently it was a review copy (which I got for free from the reviewer who declined it).

Pretty good formatting and spell checking for an indie book, I remember being pleasantly surprised.

The story is fairly predictable, but in romance that’s not really a minus — girl meets boy, they face adversity/are separated (bonus — this had BOTH these plot points!), they overcome, they live happily ever after in a committed relationship.

The writing was good enough that I only noticed ~the writing~ once or twice. My issue with most indie books is that the writing is bad enough to make me notice the words rather than the story. This book didn’t suffer from that.

I did think it could stand to be a little longer, and the foreshadowing of the romances to come in the other two books of the trilogy was a bit heavy-handed at times. All in all, a fluffy, fun little romance for fans of old-school Harlequin romances; sex is minimal and tame.  Not quite enough heft to be a beach read — more like a commuter read; something you can pick up and put down while on the train or bus and not worry about missing something if your attention wanders a little occasionally.



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