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September 11, 2011

Blood Reaction by D.L. Atha

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Disclaimer:  I got this book free as a review copy. It was sent to a friend who has a much more active (and more frequently updated) book blog to review and it’s not really her cuppa so she gave it to me. — Also, spoilers below.


My honest-to-goodness first thought when I started thinking about how to write this review was, “It wasn’t as bad as I was afraid it would be.”

I could leave it there, but I won’t.

First — my standard advice to all indie authors — EDIT EDIT EDIT.  Really. You CAN do it yourself, you just have to be willing to extend your publication timeline to allow the time for it. Or pay someone else to do it.  I freely admit to being a freelance editor, but this is not a sales pitch.

Your book is your baby — give it the attention it deserves so that your character doesn’t mention to herself in each of the first two paragraphs of the book that her daughter is an only child (example drawn from this text). It’s jarring and pulls the reader out of the narrative.

The formatting was pretty clean, but despite it being a paper copy — which usually gets more/better eyes on the layout and proofing front, I could still tell it was an indie print.

That’s is for my editing comments.

The story… Was an intriguing premise, but couldn’t follow through. The idea of a medically verifiable reason for vampirism was intriguing, but it was all guess work on the part of the main character — no labs, no proof, and a lot of conjecture.

The sex? Well, not being a fan of rape scenes (okay, really, is ANYONE a fan of rape scenes?!) this really turned me off early on in the book. The big bad guy was one dimensional, the build up to the climax was too uneven and slow in spots with jumps in time that annoyed the hell out of me.

It’s not awful, but it really wasn’t very good, either.

3/5 for a neat concept that just needed more development (and less rape)


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