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April 11, 2011

Dixie Divas by Virginia Brown

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Finished this the day after the meeting where we discussed it, lol.

This was a Kindle freebie several months ago, presumably to drum up interest in the author’s next Diva book. Over half of our book club owns Kindles, now, thanks to the advocacy of Candy over at Candy’s Raves and it seemed like a good choice since it was free. It was formatted like a freebie, though. By which I mean horribly–random number sequences in the middle of the text, the word, “quote” where a quotation mark should be, etc. There was enough of it to be truly distracting. I’m used to less than stellar formatting on my Kindle since too many authors and publishers lack the skill (or willingness to pay someone with the skill) to do it right.

But enough on the tech spec.

The story. Well, I’m a Texan and this was the flavor of Southern lit that reminds me that Texas is the SouthWest, not The South. Or maybe it’s just that my family emigrated to America after the Civil War was over. It was 140 years ago — I just wanted to smack all these people who won’t let go and tell them to get over it. Even if they are fictional.

The story was decent, and the characters were fun, but the random psycho at the end felt false — like the author knew who did it, then changed her mind at the last minute.

Also — grown women in their 50s calling each other Trinket and Bitty and Itty and… Really?! What is wrong with these people?  Obviously Southern Lit is not my thing…



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  1. Oh, bless your heart… you just don’t understand the genre, sweetie pie

    Comment by Candy Beauchamp — April 12, 2011 @ 21:07 | Reply

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