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October 28, 2010

His Robt Girlfriend by Wesley Allison

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Despite the name, this was not a porn story. I enjoyed the book though it was more novella than novel.

It was very nearly a sweet little love story–if you ignore the part where he ordered his girlfriend off the Internet.

For an e-book this was pretty well formatted. I ran across less than half a dozen spelling/syntax/word choice errors, which is, unfortunately, rare in an independent e-book.

It was largely a forgettable, a fluffy read.  What sticks with me is the parts that drove me crazy.

  • lazy names for tech. Everything ended in “-tee”. He watched a “vueTee”, read a “textTee” and wrote his book on a (not kidding!) “writeTee.” It worked, but it was lazy writing.
  • Inconsistent pricing. I’m no economist, but even I could spot this one.
    • Robot Girlfriend ~$2800
    • lunch from McDonald’s ~$18

There were more, that’s just from the first chapter.

All in all not a bad read, but the character inconsistencies and world flexibility turned me off, so I honestly can’t say I’d recommend it. I DO praise it for having some of the best e-book formatting I’ve ever seen in an indie book. (This one, btw, was from SmashWords,  I think. I downloaded it to Stanza eons ago so don’t quote me on that.)


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