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September 22, 2009

Wonder Woman: Bitter Rivals by Greg Rucka

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I keep this my (mostly) book blog and a personal blog. Sometimes I forget what I’ve mentioned where. My 8yo is a bit of a reluctant reader. She’s a fantastic reader, literally off the chart the elementary school uses to measure their reading, but a largely disinterested one. We have a heckuva time finding things that catch and keep her attention long enough for her to finish a whole book.

2 weeks ago she spent 4+ hours in her room reading all the way through Jodi Picoult’s “Wonder Woman: Love and Murder“. I read it last year and was comfortable letting her read it. When she ran into a word or even a concept that didn’t make sense she came and asked me to explain and we talked about it.

Naturally, the first thing I did was hop on the library website and reserve every Wonder Woman graphic novel I could find in the catalog (except George Perez’ — I tried to read it last year and was so disappointed in the artwork and the script that I abandoned it).

“Bitter Rivals” was one of three I picked up today, and, it appears, they are sequential books in a large story arc. That J-girl won’t get to read. Yes, I let her read comics where people have physical fights (we both dug “The Hiketeia“) and we discuss the unreality of it and how it’s not okay to treat real people that way, etc.

The story itself is one we could discuss, but… There’s a multi-page torture/rival exposition scene  that ends in death—followed by a sex scene. I’m reading the rest of the story arc, but she can’t. It’s a shame, really, since, currently, the only thing she will sit down and read through is comics (way to go reaching reluctant readers!) but this one was just too far over the line. I made Raidman read it, too, to make sure I wasn’t being overprotective and he agreed with me.

It IS an awesome story arc, though, and I am looking forward to finishing it.


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