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August 20, 2009

Gilding Lily by Tatiana Boncompagni

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I liked this, and devoured it a single day, but it was a very looong day 😉  I do have to include a disclaimer: I have a weakness for books (and movies for that matter) where the main character is some type of writer and sometimes go easier on those stories than I should.

I didn’t need to go easy on this. It was not as vapid as I expected it to be after reading the back cover blurb.  I loved the title and decided to give it a shot even though it’s outside my normal preferences. Lily is a lot like me and I found her very relatable. I did notice that, although the author says in the afterword and interview that was in my copy that most socialites are good people (I’m paraphrasing), most of the ones in this book were anything but.  Seems like Boncompagni should have shown it how she saw it, with a few bad apples floating at the top of barrel and ruining things for everyone else, rather than having the majority of the socialite characters be hell on wheels.

No. my life will not be changed by this book and I haven’t spent more than 5 minutes thinking about it since I closed it (3 days ago, but I post the date I finish, not necessarily the day I have time to write the review) but neither do I consider the time I spent reading it wasted–a nice balance.

This would make a good beach read. One caveat: keeping up with all the society ladies’ names was a little challenging sometimes.

I do give the author genuine kudos for taking a serious turn toward the end and addressing, at least briefly, the issue of adult bullying. As moderator for a local mothers group, I used to see more of this kind of thing and it is ugly and hurtful. Our member roster was revolving door for a while because of it.

But then some idiot put me in charge in 2005 and we’re all a lot more egalitarian now, lol.


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