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August 2, 2009

Cool New Toy!

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First and foremost let me say I am not in any way a paid blogger, at least on this site. If I talk about a meme, book, or other product, it is solely at my discretion and no one pays me to pimp their products.

If that ever changes, it will be clearly indicated.

I went to the Salado Art Fair with my mom and her sister today.  Had fun, saw some beautiful original oils I’ll be blogging about on my other blog, and discovered (and subsequently bought three) Literati Bookmarks. I read a lot, and throw a book in my purse ~all the time~ and well, bookmarks fall out.

I should maybe mention here that I have a bookmark problem?

I love bookmarks and have since I was a kid. I still have some of the ones I got as a kid. You know, the pastel cardboard with the glittery unicorns, cheesy sayings and aqua yarn and everything.  I have some of the (overpriced) fancy metal ones you can find near the checkouts at B&N. I have several I’ve made myself, since I crochet bookmarks for gifts and school giveaways. I even collect the freebies from Half Price books… Yes, it’s a problem, but at least they don’t take up much space.

My point?  These literati things are ingenius!  So simple I wonder why no one ever thought of it sooner, and boy do they work! I bought one (butterfly w/ blue beads) for me, one for use with cookbooks (pewter cookbook charm w/ gorgeous pale green glass beads) and one for the girlchild (stylized J covered in rhinestones w/ silver striped black beads). On a side note, if you like them and want one, check their event schedule.  They sell for $13/each on the literati bookmarks website, but I paid $10/each for mine in person and no tax or shipping (tax was built in to the $10 according to the guyy manning the booth).


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