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July 8, 2009

Loch by Paul Zindel

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I’m a bit of a lake monster buff, so when I saw the title to this old 80s YA book I knew I would read it. I kind of wish I hadn’t. There really isn’t much to recommend it, sadly.

The MC is a bit unlikeable, and from a parent’s perspective, terrifying with the foolish risks he takes. The other characters are scarcely developed at all.The little sister and girlfriend are cookie cutters, too.

The adults, in particular, are horribly one-dimensional and just generally not good people in this book. In fact, there is not a single adult in the story that represents a positive role-model. I realize adults in YA books are meant to be peripheral characters at best, and are usually deeply flawed in order to allow the MC the freedom to have whatever adventure the book details, but still…

The biggest problem I saw with this book is that I closed it wondering why I read through the bloodshed and feeble characterizations. I finished it and genuinely wished I had skipped it and read something more worth my time instead.


*The 1 is totally cuz of my pop culture crush on lake monsters, almost gave it a 2 because there was more than one monster, otherwise this book would have been 0 for 10.


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