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July 3, 2009

Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris

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( 49 ) A Southern Vampire novel / Sookie Stackhouse book 9

I liked this one. It was, like all the other SV books, a pretty quick read. I don’t have anything deep to say, just a few random comments.  Yay for bulleted lists!

  • I appreciated finally getting to learn more about Eric’s past.
  • The scene with Quinn just didn’t jibe with the character he has been in previous books in the series. A good guy turning into a real jerk is nothing new, but doing so with little to no warning is irksome.
  • The main plot point, the fae war, was resolved in a way that was both too pat and too simplistic for my taste (and kind of made me feel like my time was wasted paying attention to the politics, learning the names, etc).
  • I love that Sookie is so real. She argues with herself about the morality of killing to survive, particularly killing someone actively trying to kill you. And I adore that she does it w/o getting all existential or angsty like some other paranormal heroines.
  • It was dark.  Characters die in these books, it goes with the genre, but there was a LOT of it in this one. And many of them were unnecessary deaths (did nothing to significantly move the plot forward).WTH is up with introducing us to half a dozen new peeps just to kill em off?
  • The torture. Okay, I don’t actually want to read detailed descriptions of torture, but this just rang false. There’s a lot of the character talking to herself about how she’ll never be the same again, but the experience is glossed to the point where suspension of disbelief became impossible, for me.
  • Bill?  Come on, now, really? That’s all I have to say about that.

I liked it, I’ll read the next one in the series—from the library.



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