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February 6, 2009

The Shack by William P. Young

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I am, at best, agnostic.

When still making the attempt to be PC and have faith I claimed Christianity with a severe universalist bias.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term, universalism at its most basic is the idea that all gods are one God, and that everyone of every faith is basically praying to the same higher power (or in religions with multiple deities, some specific aspect of that higher power), a higher power generally considered to be moral and “good”.

This book touched on that idea, which appealed to me, but only did so for a sentence, maybe two, which did not.

Then you have the whole Trinity thing, which could be Deity appearing to the main character in a form he was most used to, or it could be the author’s obvious bias toward a particular belief system.  Guess which one I thought it was.

Beyond that, well, quite frankly the writing was just awkward, verging on and occasionally deep into Bad. It was florid in the wrong places, spare where more description would have been nice.  This book was a manuscript in dire need of a good editor, one who would see past the content to the structure and fix it.

It was an unsatisfying read for me, personally.  The idea of the main character accepting a nicely dressed, wordy version of the bumper sticker, “Shit Happens” with and God does the best he can with it tacked on the end in a mere two days… Yea, no.

For those who have found great meaning or renewal of their faith or a desire to seek God again as a result of this book, I’m happy for you. Just don’t expect me to do the same.


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