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December 26, 2008

Y: The Last Man, Vol 10: Whys and Wherefores by Brian K. Vaughan & Pia Guerra

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( 111 ) – FYI:  Spoiler Laden commentary, read at your own risk

Last book of the year – everything else is carrying over to 09.

I wanted to read the whole series before putting together my impressions, since it seemed wrong to me to try to judge the story lines along the way.






I was… dissatisfied with the ending.  I could buy the whole human cloning thing, but the food thing bugged me.  One or two lines in the last book referred to people solving the “animal” problem, but I wanted to know HOW they renewed the livestock stores of the world after all the male mammals died off and the lack of an answer annoyed me.

I loved the lack of an idealized society.  And the fact that the women who most say men are the root of all evil became themselves, largely, the root of all evil–or at least of a lot of the violence.  I was particularly intrigued by the different military group responses to the lack of men.  Some slid in and filled the void effortlessly, others went off the deep end.  I was surprised, and not surprised, by the Israeli colonel’s storyline, but the fact that they drug it out from book 1 to book 9  drove me batty. She’d spent her life judging herself against a male yardstick, and fought dirty to find a MAN to kill her, seeing it as the only honorable way to go.  Weird, but in-character weird.

The series is well-written and cinematic in scope. It wouldn’t be a very good movie, I suspect, but I would love to read an in-depth, fully-fleshed novel-length adaptation of the same story and, heck, even the same characters. I kinda like poor Yorick — for having survived that name if nothing else!

The art, well, honestly, it kinda pissed me off.  This whole series was drawn by the same artist and she couldn’t keep the artwork consistent between books? Yea, not impressed.

I would recommend it if asked, but I will say you need to be pretty open-minded about a lot of things — like rampant lesbianism (world w/o men and a limited supply of batteries, Hello!) — if you want to enjoy it.  I may read it again someday, and would consider buying a single bound edition that had all ten volumes, but for now, no.


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