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July 21, 2008

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians, book 1

I really enjoyed this.  I saw Rick Riordan at a mystery authors panel discussion he did in San Marcos a few years ago with Susan Wittig Albert, Joe Lansdale, and someone else whose name escapes me. Afterward I fell in love with Albert’s China Bayles series, but was unable to get into Riordan’s mystery series.

This summer, with all the buzz* about the 4th book in this series coming out, I thought I’d try the 1st one. I started HP1 the summer the 4th one came out, too… hmmm… a trend?

*maybe that’s a central Texas thing, since Riordan is based in San Antonio, but all our B&N’s in the area were pimpin’ it hard…

The reader on this was excellent.  He had good vocal characterization for a very large cast of characters and sounded very wry and like he knew too many things that he wished he did not.

I will definitely recommend it, particularly if J goes through a phase, like I did, of complete and utter obsession with Greek and Roman mythology. I know a couple of early readers who are ahead of the curve on their reading that I would NOT recommend it for; it is considerably more violent than HP1, and I made my early reader read that one with me.Literary Locals Icon


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