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June 24, 2006

Carpe Demon by Julie Kenner

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I love the concept, a Buffy-like character growing up, retiring from the business, and keeping her past career a secret until the day it comes looking for her in the form of a demon at Walmart (I don’t know if that was intended to be ironic, but it was to me… Demon WalMart…*giggle*). I even like the background info, that the demon hunter was trained and guided by the Vatican – it makes a lot more sense than a shadowy group of Brits and slayers being born rather than made…

Sadly, I just couldn’t get into this. It was a slooow read and I kept skipping ahead to find a good part. 😦

THe thing that drove me abso-friggin-lutely batty about this book, though, was the damn product placement…er…pop culture references. The book is only a year old and already dated by its waaaaaaaaay overused references to popular culture. Seriously, Starbucks was mentioned so many times in this book I was beginning to think they’d sponsored it and found myself checking the back cover for their logo. I understand pop culture references can help make a book more accessible to readers, but they date it, quickly. Granted, I don’t think Carpe Demon was written to be a masterwork of literature, but it’s shelf life is unlikely to be more than 2-3 years as fast as pop culture changes.

There was an EXCELLENT article on pop culture references in fiction in a recent Writer’s Digest or The Writer, I forget which one.

Net result: I’ll read the sequel when the library gets it in, but I won’t buy it.

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